Wallhangers Volume VI

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RELEASED June 2020

 Here Now, twenty-five plus years and nearly 2000 entries in Buckmasters Trophy Records, I have combined another 35 incredible stories of the hunt into
Volume VI of the Wallhangers book series.

 Top deer in this volume goes to the Luke Brewster Buck, the most recent three hundred-inch buck I have scored. After searching for several weeks, I was finally able to garner a phone number and contacted the hunter. He was very agreeable to me scoring his buck.

  You can also read about the scoring of the other five,
300+ bucks I have scored in Chapter #1

  You can also read about “The Doe That Wasn’t” taken by a hospital administrator in Indiana. Or how about the story of a nurse and her 205” buck, “‘Doctor’s Office Smell’ spices up Tinks.” And another lady takes the stage in “Definition of Ginormous”
with her 193 6/8” Ohio bruiser.

  Then there is a story about a swimmer in New York in the chapter titled “Webfoot” that scored 231 inches. And let’s not leave out the hunt of a young female schoolteacher, “Making THE Grade” as she arrows a 165-inch ten point.

  These and many other tales grace the pages of Volume VI. 

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Along with another 30 other great stories from the deer woods, don’t miss a single one!

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