Wallhangers Volume III

Stepping back to the year 2000, we begin this series with a buck taken by Glen Parks of Oregon, who returns annually to hunt the big bucks of Ohio.  Read about his success with a smoke pole on a great 14-pointer.

Next up is 14-year-old Jeremy Eaton of southern Indiana.  Having been diagnosed with T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma was unable to attend school, so to assuage the boredom, he spent his days in a tree stand.  He had a chance at a deer of a lifetime, but his grandmother spooked the buck as she gathered kindling.  Some days later he closed the deal with his shotgun.

At the ripe old age of seven, James Schulz began deer hunting with his father.  He started with a shotgun, then moved to a crossbow, finally a compound bow.  They soon found the bow was to light for hunting and moved up to a 43-pound draw.  It wasn’t long and the boy was nailing the target.  It was decided he would limit his shots to 25-yards, however an opportunity came his way for a slightly longer shot.

One more youth hunter also featured in this series is Trey Thies of southern Indiana.  A soggy Trey and his father spent several hours in the stand before an opportunity came for the young boy to show his skill with a smoke pole on an impressive buck.

Steve Padgett’s buck of a lifetime had a little bit of everything going for it.  Split bow-tines, a drop-tine, lots of stickers and kickers along with 25+ inch beams.  The 238-inch trophy fell in Henry County, Indiana in 2007.

Can I do a book without a 200-incher from Steve Esker?  Well not so far, inside we have a story about his third from central Ohio at 201 1/8 inches.

Rumor had it that Seth Williams was offered $61,000.  It was a great buck and the recovery dragged out, but ‘NO’ offer was ever made for this 202 1/8-incher.

Mike Behrman of Ohio put the whack on this 220+ buck on a day that turned from nasty to downright bad, They felt the need for good photos, especially wife Andrea.  And so the buck was dragged into the house, thus becoming for all time, “The Living Room Buck.”

“Undead,” the story of Joe Fischer’s buck should be titled “The Lost and Found Buck.”  The recovery took many turns, literally!  Then when it was finally located, the hunter had no means to dispatch the still breathing animal.

Jessica Haun took to bowhunting like the proverbial duck to water.  She was very good with a bow, now she needed a place to hunt.  Her boyfriend put that issue to rest, and now you can read about her 197 6/8-inch buck.

Take time to read two stories about Mike McCabe, an Englishman who came to America to hunt whitetail deer and decided to stay.  The first episode describes his shot at a great buck which soon disappeared only later to be found on Facebook, in the hands of another hunter.  Getting it back is the whole story in itself.

The second episode in the tale tells about a disaster in western Canada to the same hunter.  While filming a bear hunt with his friend, a tree stand failed and dropped Mike 25 plus feet face down on the ground.  Badly broken, Mike felt his life must surely be over.  He suffered 27 broken bones, including his back.  After a miracle rescue, he was flown out of the bush to a hospital where he began a slow recovery.  Mike eventually managed to return to bow hunting, but he will be paralyzed from the chest down forever more.

Jody Beth Walker, the widowed mother of two girls and an avid hunter shares her exciting tale of her hunt in Morgan Co., Kentucky where she was accosted by a young buck, forcing her to relocate to a safer hide.  From there, her story goes uphill all the way to the end!

Another trip to Iowa, to score one great buck for Ryan Stoltz of Mondamin.  His buck walked right in front of him and he made what he felt was a good shot, that was only the beginning, however!  Several days of fruitless searching followed until one day, quite by accident, he found his 286 3/8-inch trophy, or what remained of it.

One great story follows the others in this book of massive racked deer.  You really have to read it to fully appreciate the bone harvested by these 34 hunters.

Over 6,970 gross inches of deer antler in this volume.

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