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"Everyone one has an old piano in their basement you can have if you move it."
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Top view of the keybed, this to will be removed, notice the OSHA approved bucket piano stand. There is a crack in the center panel that I will be fixing. Also the top side has been hit with a tractor at some point in the barn and will have to be repaired.
Notice the trap work is all wooden levers. The sprins will all be removed an plated.
In this shot the Keybed has been removed as well as the bottom bellows works.
These are pretty, they will look great when they are replated.
Another view of the trap work and pedals.
Another view of the trap work and pedals

These numbers cast into the plate have been researched by Jere DeBaker, and he has created a database of serial numbers, dates,and features on these pianos. We thinks that the serial numbers in the blue book date these pianos about 5 years older then they really are. The date we have decided upon for plate manufacture is Aug. 2, 1909. Also notice the placement of the O S Kelly Logo.

Close up shot of the O S Kelly Company Logo. They are still in business and still manufacture piano plates. They are the only Piano Plate manufacturer in the United States. The are a subsidiary of Steinway. I will use this photo to create the artwork to have a new logo made, if anyone else would like a new O S Kelly logo let me know.
I have removed the keybed and the bottom now getting ready to remove the plate and repair a couple small cracks in the soundboard and then refinish it.
Lots of large straight head screws, must if had large muscular men put these in a 100 years ago took two of us with a large screw driver and wrench to get them out.
The plate is out, several blisters in the palms of my hand but it's out.
I will be having the plate sand blasted and refinished.
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010
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